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Stigmatic imaging SIMS prototype installed at the University of Oxford

Ionoptika have installed a prototype mass spec instrument at the University of Oxford, marking an exciting development milestone in this project. The prototype, which is a collaboration between the Rosalind Franklin Institute, the University of Oxford, and Ionoptika, is a new design of stigmatic imaging mass spectrometer. The first stage of this project took place […]

Analyse v2.0.2.15 Release

We are happy to announce the release of Analyse v2.0.2.15 for all J105 SIMS customers. This long awaited release brings with it a host of new features as well as several bug fixes. Chief among the new features is a new imzML file converter. To download the new release, simply go to our downloads page […]

Why you shouldn’t overlook C60 beams just yet

C60 cluster ion beams are a fantastic tool for analyzing both hard and soft materials. Composed of sixty carbon atoms arranged into a football shape, C60 ions combine several different features making it a great all-rounder ion beam. This is why we always recommend customers to consider including a C60 beam when specifying their J105. […]

GCIB 10S Webinar in association with UCVAC

On Thursday, in collaboration with UCVAC, we held a webinar on the GCIB 10S Gas Cluster Ion Beam for potential customers in China. The webinar was a great success, and we will certainly look to use this format again to connect with potential customers around the world, particularly while travel restrictions remain in place. IONOPTIKA […]

How the J105 SIMS works: An introductory guide

The J105 SIMS is a state-of-the-art 3D imaging ToF SIMS combining innovative design with cutting-edge science that has redefined ToF SIMS. Designed to exploit the benefits of cluster ion beams, the J105 delivers exceptional sensitivity to molecular ions, 3D MS imaging, and consistent performance across all samples. In this article, we aim to give you […]

Drug detection with high-sensitivity using ToF SIMS

The high attrition rate of pharmaceutical drug compounds adds enormously to the cost of those that make it to market, so there is an urgent and growing need to identify failure at earlier stages of drug development. In order to do so, researchers require as much information as possible. Specifically, there is a need to […]

Cocaine metabolite imaging in fingerprints with Water Cluster SIMS

Detection of drug compounds and their metabolites in natural environments is a critical topic for both forensic and pharmaceutical applications, and requires overcoming some of the limitations in existing microscopic and analytical techniques. Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (ToF SIMS) is a powerful analytical technique capable of providing detailed chemical and spatial information […]