PUL 03

Nanosecond Pulser

The PUL 03 is a 10 nanosecond, 400 V pulser designed for quickly blanking / unblanking an ion beam system and is an essential accessory to any of our ion beams if fast pulsing is needed.

The PUL 03 comprises a control box with touch pad and LCD display, a 24 V DC power supply and an amplifier that connects directly to the ion column feedthrough. It is designed to drive an open circuit load of 4 to 10 pF capacitance. It is not intended to run into any resistive load or short circuit of less than 10 MΩ.

Key Features

  • 400 V pulser for fast beam blanking.
  • 8 nanosecond rise and fall time.
  • Touch pad operation with LCD display.
  • Four different operating modes including volts to ground, follow mode, and internal clock.