Company Overview

Ionoptika Ltd. is an ion beam and nanotechnology company developing state of the art, high performance instruments and systems, utilizing ion beams. Our high performance ToF SIMS analysis system – the J105 – takes fullest advantage of the unique features of our ion beam technology to deliver cutting edge imaging and surface analysis performance of organic and inorganic samples.

Our systems are supplied worldwide to leading research groups, commercial operations and instrument manufacturers. Our products have applications in surface analysis imaging, nanotechnology, micromachining, semiconductor processing, medical diagnosis and quantum research.

Ionoptika designs and manufactures a range of ion guns with related electronic and vacuum components that are utilised by original equipment manufacturers and to research groups to upgrade the capabilities of analytical or process instrumentation.

Custom solutions can be provided, utilizing our extensive experience and skills in ion-optic instrumentation, from minor ion gun modification, to the design and supply of leading edge novel instrumentation and research systems.

The following areas of expertise are available at Ionoptika:

  • Ion beam technology application development.
  • Ion-optical design.
  • Electronics design – high voltage, analogue and digital control.
  • Mechanical design using 3D CAD.
  • Manufacture and test of UHV assemblies.
  • Manufacture and test of electronics.
  • Instrumental control software and data analysis.

Ionoptika has a wealth of experience in ion beam technology, we also benefit from close association with leading scientists in the fields of ion-optical design, analytical chemistry, medical imaging and quantum technologies.