IOE 10

Low energy charge neutralisation electron beam

The IOE 10 is a low energy electron beam designed primarily for charge neutralisation during analysis of insulating materials. It provides a high current density beam of electrons over a wide range of beam energies.

The low energy range is particularly suited to applications where electron stimulated desorption (ESD) of ions from the surface must be limited. ESD is generally seen to fall off as the electron impact energy reduces below 40 eV. Use of low energy electrons also reduces localised heating of the sample surface.

The IOE 10 may be pulsed for TOF SIMS application, and is equipped with quadrupole deflection plates which may be used for static beam positioning or for rastering using an external scan system, such as the RSU 2000.

Key Features

  • Low energy charge neutralisation electron beam.
  • 10 – 1000 eV beam energy range.
  • High current density up to 500 mAcm-2.
  • Easy installation via NW 35 CF flange.