Damage-free analytical beam for SIMS

The GCIB 40 is a 40 kV gas cluster ion beam producing a focused beam of cluster ions for analytical applications where sensitivity to molecular ions is required.

GCIBs are unrivalled in their ability to minimise fragmentation and remove intact molecules from a surface, and now operating at 40 keV delivers excellent ionisation yields too. Featuring selectable cluster sizes from monomer to over 10,000, and a spot size down to 3 µm, the GCIB 40 is a powerful tool for analysing intact molecular ions with high spatial resolution.

Available on the J105 SIMS or as an upgrade to selected third-party instruments. Contact us for more information.

Key Features

  • 40 kV gas cluster ion beam with 3 µm spot size.
  • Real-time cluster measurement & adjustment.
  • Selectable clusters from monomer to > 10,000
  • Runs on a range of gases, including Ar, CO2, Ar/CO2
  • Water source upgrade available.