IGM 300

Charged Particle Imaging System

The IGM 300 is a complete charged particle detection and imaging system. Featuring beam rastering, a high dynamic range secondary electron/ion detection system, and dedicated software with a range of advanced features, the IGM 300 is a must-have accessory to your ion beam system.

All Ionoptika ion beam systems require an external raster/imaging system, with the exception of the GCIB 10S, which features an integrated sample current imaging system.

The IGM 300 comprises the Ionoptika RSU 2000 Raster Scanning System and SED03 Secondary Particle Detector, both of which may also be purchased independently.

Key Features

  • Beam scanning & control.
  • Secondary electron / ion detection.
  • Low noise, high gain channeltron detector.
  • Easy installation via NW 35 CF UHV compatible flange.
  • Feature-packed imaging software.