High-brightness Xenon Plasma FIB

The IOG 30ECR is a low-power, high-brightness plasma FIB system. Based on the principle of electron cyclotron resonance, the ion source produces high beam currents up to 200 nA and can run a range of gas sources including Xe, ideal for high-throughput FIB milling free of Ga contamination.

A distinct advantage of the ECR source is the lack of consumable or wearing parts in the source, delivering a stable beam and long service intervals.

The IOG 30ECR may run on Ar, Xe, N2, or O2, and a mass filter is included in the column to separate beams of different mass/charge species. A selection of 5 apertures allows a wide current range.

Key Features:

  • 30 kV high-brightness plasma source
  • 200 nA maximum current
  • 300 nm spot size
  • Runs on Xe, Ar, O2, or N2
  • Low-power ion source – no need for water cooling
  • Integrated mass filter
  • Long service intervals and low maintenance