25 kV Focused Ion Beam

The IOG 25Ga is a 25 kV Ga focused ion beam (FIB) system that uses a liquid metal ion source to provide a highly focused beam of gallium ions.

A wide current range makes the IOG 25Ga ideal for a variety of applications, from high precision direct write and micromachining to large area quadrupole SIMS.

In the lower current range, spatial resolution down to 50 nm is achievable, subject to platform stability.

Key Features

  • Sub 50 nm spot size.
  • High current option up to 50 nA.
  • High speed pulsing option.
  • Pulse bunching option, for short intense pulses.
  • Compact design to allow installation on a wide range of instruments.
  • Available with both standard and monoisotopic gallium sources.