Gold Cluster Liquid Metal Ion Beam

The IOG 25Au is a 25 kV high performance liquid metal ion beam system that provides a focused beam of gold ions.

Fitted with a gold-germanium liquid metal alloy ion source, a range of ions can be selected using the built-in mass filter, including Au+, Au++, Au2+, and Au3+.

The IOG 25Au offers a wide current range with fine probe capability down to 100 nm, and can be operated in either DC or pulsed mode. It is also differentially pumped for use in a wide range of applications.

Key Features

  • Gold-germanium liquid metal alloy ion source.
  • Spot size down to 100 nm.
  • Wien filter for selection of different species.*
  • Mass filtered beam available in both DC and pulsed mode.
  • Variable aperture for current and spot size control.

*Species as % of beam current are Au+ 58.9%,  Au++ 16.2%, Au2+ 6.4%, Au3+ 4.3%,  Au3++ 1.4%