Highly focused low-damage ion beam for SIMS

The GCIB 70 is a 70 kV high-performance gas cluster ion beam producing a highly focused beam of cluster ions for high-resolution imaging SIMS with unrivalled sensitivity.

The benefits of gas cluster beams for use in SIMS are now well established; high-mass clusters are extremely efficient at sputtering organic, biological and polymeric materials, producing intact molecular and high-mass fragment ions.

Until now, however, spatial resolution of these beams was limited to several microns. The GCIB 70 focuses a 70 keV beam of gas clusters — up to (CO2)10,000+ — into a spot as small as 1.5 μm, offering the highest resolution available anywhere with gas clusters.

The GCIB 70 is available exclusively on the J105 SIMS from Ionoptika.

Key Features

  • 70 kV gas cluster ion beam with 1.5 µm spot size.
  • Selectable clusters from monomer to > 10,000
  • Runs on a range of gases, including Ar, CO2, Ar/CO2
  • Water source upgrade available.
  • Available exclusively on the J105 SIMS.