IOG C60-40

High performance cluster beam for molecular SIMS analysis

The C60-40 is the highest-performing C60 beam available, featuring a 300 nm spot size, and beam currents of up to 1 nA.

Benefiting from the same uniform sputtering as our other C60 ion beams, but with higher etch rates and an incredibly fine spot, the C60-40 is an extremely powerful analysis tool for a wide range of applications. The use of high mass primary ions provides a substantial yield enhancement of intact molecules and large fragments during the analysis of most organic surfaces. From bio-medical applications to polymer science and metallurgy, the C60-40 can do it all.

The C60-40 is an excellent all-rounder demonstrated by the fact it is included on every J105 SIMS instrument sold by Ionoptika.

Key Features

  • Excellent all-round ion beam
  • 40 kV beam with spot sizes down to 300 nm
  • High current up to 1 nA
  • Great performance on all types of materials
  • Gate valve for quick and easy servicing