IOG C60-20

Focused ion beam for analytical applications

Ionoptika’s IOG C60-20 is a high performance 20 kV ion beam system for SIMS analysis of samples with a high degree of chemical complexity.

The C60-20 ion beam system is a useful and relatively low-cost system for SIMS analysis. Whilst it has a larger spot size than the C60-40, at 2um, this is still suitable for a range of applications.

The C60-20 is fitted with a Wien filter for mass filtering during both DC and pulsed operation. This filter serves to remove any small carbon clusters from the beam and allows selection of single, double, or triple charge species.

Key Features

  • 20 kV ion beam for molecular SIMS analysis.
  • Spot size down to 2 μm.
  • High current beam up to 2 nA.
  • Variable aperture strip.
  • Gate valve for quick and easy servicing.
  • Fast pulsing, pulse bunching, rastering, and secondary electron detection available.