IOG-30D Duoplasmatron Ion Beam System



30kV Duoplasmatron Ion Beam

The IOG 30D is a high-brightness focused ion beam system for contaminant free micro-machining or analysis of small areas. It uses a duoplasmatron ion source and two-lens optical column to produce a high-brightness, low-aberration spot. The source may run on pure argon (or other noble gases), nitrogen, or oxygen, and a mass filter is included in the column to separate beams of different mass/charge species. A selection of 5 apertures allows a wide current range. A gate valve in the column allows the source to be serviced without venting of the whole column.


  • 30 kV High-Brightness Duoplasmatron Source
  • 500 nA Maximum Current
  • 500 nm Spot Size
  • Integrated Mass Filter
  • Runs on Ar, Ne, He, Kr, O2, & N2